UCL, Friday 17th February 2012

Symposium timetable

09.30am: Registration in UCL Darwin Theatre

10.00am: Professor Murray Fraser, UCL:  ‘Introduction’

10.15am : Professor Jonathan Hill, UCL: ‘The Air and Industry of London:  Architecture, Landscape and Climate Change’

10.45am: Q&A session

10.55am: Break for tea and coffee (not provided)

11.00am: Session 1:  Contemporary Conditions

Douglas Spencer, Architectural Association:  ‘Landscape, Agency and Artifice’

Jill Desimini, Harvard Graduate School of Design:  ‘Towards a practice of Radical Incrementalism’

Ed Wall, Kingston University:   ‘Post-Landscape: The failed promise of landscape and the continued threat to public space’

12.40pm: Q&A session

13.00pm: Lunch

14.00pm: Session 2:  Collective Agents

Professor Matthew Gandy, UCL: ‘Entropy by Design: Gilles Clement, Parc Henri Matisse and the limits to avant-garde urbanism’

Jane Wolff, University of Toronto: ‘Agency, Advocacy, Vocabulary: Three Landscape Projects’

Tim Waterman, Writtle School of Design: ‘Toposophy: The Power of the Landscape Idea’

15.10pm: Q&A session

15.20pm: Break for tea and coffee (not provided)

15.45pm: Session 3: Ecologies

Jane Hutton, Harvard Graduate School of Design: ‘Material Externalities: Sourcing Landscapes’

Jon Goodbun, University of Westminster/RCA: ‘Landscapes, Complexity and re-imagining the Project of Planning’

Lisa Tilder, Ohio State University: ‘Architecture’s Second Nature’

17.00pm: Q&A session

17.15pm: Plenary Discussion [Chair: Professor Murray Fraser, UCL]

Professor Matthew Gandy, UCL

Jane Woolf, University of Toronto

Professor Jonathan Hill, UCL

Jane Hutton, Harvard

Professor Daniel Zarza, University of Alcala

18.00pm: Drinks in UCL South Cloisters

19.30pm: Ends